Here Is Why 80,000 Himalayan Rock Salt Lamps Were Recalled! You May Have One of These Lamps in Your Home!

Himalayan rock salt lamps serve as an attractive feature in any home. However, do these lamps offer any scientifically proven health benefits? It has been found that they can release negative salt ions released by heating, which  stimulates blood flow, elevates serotonin levels in the brain, improves sleep, and alleviates the symptoms of allergy or asthma.

But, in case you have such lamp in your house, it is advisable to check on the brand. Specifically, the Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates that Michaels recalled a few different types of Himalayan rock salt lamps lamps, which are sold under the Lumière brand from July to November in 2016.

To explain you more deeply, Michaels store actually recalled around 80,000 Himalayan pink salt lamps as a result of the discovery that they may endanger the consumer. These lamps may lead to shock or catch fire. Namely, it has been found that the Rock of Gibraltar lamps, Lumiere Basket of Rocks, and Carnival of Lights have dimmer switches as well as outlet plugs that may heat too a great extent and ignite, thus posing shock and fire hazards.

What Should Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp Consumers Do?

Consumers who bought the lamps between July-November 2016 should check the barcodes, stop using the lamps and return them to any Michaels store in the U.S for a cash refund. Furthermore, the lamps have a wonderful pink color. Also, they are mounted in a black metal basket or on a wooden base.

According to Michaels spokesperson, after cooperating with the CPSC, the line of Lumière Himalayan Salt Lamps that was sold between July-November 2016 was recalled. They claim that their top priority is the safety and well-being of their customers. Therefore, they have taken instant steps to eliminate this product from all their stores and supply chain.

In case you think you have the same lamp in your home, you should check to see if it is one of those lamps recalled by the CPSC. It is recommended the check the UPC and SKU code.

  • The Basket of Rocks: UPC 00886946056277, SKU 495146
  • The Carnival of Lights: UPC 00886946058325, SKU 495433
  • The Rock of Gibraltar Lamp: UPC 00886946056253, SKU 495144

These codes can be found on the product itself as well as the box the lamp was packed in.

As mentioned previously, in case you have such lamp in your home, then you should unplug it instantly. Afterwards, visit any Michael’s store and return the lamp for a full refund.

But, How Do These Salt Lamps Function?
  • Heated Himalayan salt lamps attract humidity, which results in salt crystal moist surface.
  • They have also an ability to neutralize the electro-smog in the air triggered by the use of electric devices. (As a result of industrialization and electronics, the human body receives artificial electromagnetic wavelengths with various frequency values. However, the neutral atomic structure of a heated crystal salt lamp can help in harmonizing and balancing these artificial frequencies and electro-smog.)
  • Plus, they form iron buildup and eliminate moisture from the air.
  • Also, the lamps can bind the excessive positive ions with negative ions.
  • They can also lower pollutants, including irritants and allergens from the air.
  • These lamps may also offer soothing effects thanks to the multi-colored salt crystals.


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