Tips on How to Follow an Alkaline Diet to Reduce Inflammation, Lose Weight, and Prevent Cancer!

You may have noticed that drinking too much coffee or consuming too many sweets can lead to bloating, fatigue, or illness. Both caffeine and sugar are highly inflammatory and acidic, which means that they could interfere with your body’s natural acid-alkaline balance.

Why Is This Acid-Alkaline Balance So Important?

Alkaline and acid are the 2 ends of the pH scale: 14 is actually the most alkaline, 0 is the most acidic, and 7 is neutral. Since different bodily systems thrive at different points on the pH scale, maintaining slightly alkaline blood creates a healthy environment for enzymes and beneficial bacteria.

It is important to understand that optimal acid-alkaline balance plays a role in any process in your body to function adequately. Your lungs and kidneys are responsible for keeping this balance.

In addition, metabolic acidosis can occur when your kidneys cannot remove enough uric acid to keep optimal balance, whereas respiratory acidosis can occur when your blood is loaded with carbon dioxide due to improper function of your lungs. The regular consumption of acidic foods could interfere with these 2 natural processes.

Acidosis could lead to various health issues, such as lethargy, joint pain, immunodeficiency disorders, arrhythmia, cholesterol, multiple sclerosis, heart disease, diabetes, chronic illness, and more.

That’s not all, over-acidity could also elevate your likelihood of ketoacidosis, heart disease, liver issues, osteoporosis, and even cancer.

Your Body Can Fight Acidosis Completely Naturally

If your body is too acidic, it can deplete your bones of many minerals, such as magnesium, potassium, sodium and calcium to neutralize the acidity in your blood. Furthermore, this could result in various serious health issues, including osteoporosis.

In case your body does not have enough alkalizing minerals, then acidic toxins can get accumulated in your fat cells.

These 2 methods can have a negative impact on your long term health. Therefore, you should make some simple lifestyle changes in order to prevent acidosis.

Proper Acid-Alkaline Balance Plays a Key Role in Preventing Cancer

A large percentage of cancer patients claim that following an alkaline diet could have positive effects in the treatment of their disease.

Even though it sounds strange, it has been found that consuming plenty of alkaline-promoting foods could benefit your overall health and well-being.

Namely, Dr. Otto Warburg won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine because he discovered that nearly 95 percent of cancer cells cannot thrive if the body is more alkaline. He claimed that having a blood pH of 7.36 instead of 7 could help prevent the spread and growth of the disease.

Also, modern researchers have proven that cancer cells cannot thrive in an alkaline environment. So, many cancer patients are suggested to follow a diet that includes about 80 percent alkaline foods and about 20 percent acidic foods in order to support a recovery.

These Five Changes in Your Lifestyle and Diet Can Fight Acidosis, Significantly Enhance Your Health and Reverse Your Disease:

– Change Your Daily Routine

The first step to change your life is to change your daily routine.

Drink lemon water first thing in the morning to boost your digestion, cleanse your liver of toxins, and make your blood more alkaline.

Moreover, cook homemade meals that include anti-inflammatory and alkaline-promoting foods. Drink lots of water and eat foods high in nutrients in order to help your kidneys eliminate excess acid from your body.

– Break One Bad Habit at a Time and Gradually Introduce a New One into Your Daily Routine

The ideal way to make a lasting lifestyle change is to take small steps to create a sustainable health routine.

Rather than making several changes all at once, break 1 bad habit at a time and gradually introduce a new one into your daily routine.

– Consume Green Smoothies on a Daily Basis

Smoothies are an excellent method to include more alkaline greens in your daily diet and increase your intake of antioxidants and nutrients. Smoothies are also rich in gut-healthy insoluble and soluble fiber.

So, purchase a high-quality blender that could handle the chewiest and crunchiest foods and make at least one green smoothie on a daily basis.

– Reduce Inflammation in Your Body

Consuming processed foods, being physically inactive, drinking too much alcohol, and smoking are considered to be pro-acidic habits.

These habits can increase inflammation in your body, thus making you more prone to develop many serious diseases, including cancer.

– Take Enough Time for Yourself

Over time, chronic stress may result in chronic disease because the stress hormone, known as cortisol could make your blood more acidic.

So, get restorative sleep and try to reduce your stress to ensure that your body starts detoxifying itself.



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