THIS Cannabis Oil Is an Excellent Alternative to Chemotherapy! Here Is Also How to Make It!

Over the past few years, a lot of people have become aware of the cancer-fighting properties of cannabis. More and more studies have been suggesting that cannabis can prevent or fight different types of tumor.

Although radiation and chemotherapy are the current cancer treatment methods, you may want to learn more about other natural alternatives. In fact, a number of people have cured their cancers with this natural remedy. Namely, a 9-year-old girl treated her cancer thanks to cannabis.

Cannabis Oil May Help Fight Cancer

Rick Simpson is a man who treated himself of skin cancer by using cannabis oil more than 1 decade ago. What’s more, he has also treated about 5,000 cancer patients. He thinks that almost any type of condition and disease is preventable and reversible. Simpson is actually a proponent of medical marijuana.

You can prepare Rick Simpson’s cannabis oil recipe by using 1oz. of dried plant. An oz. will create about 4 g of oil, even tough the quantity of oil created per ounce can vary.

Here Is How to Prepare the Oil:

Put the dry material in any plastic bucket.

Afterwards, you should dampen it by using a solvent. Furthermore, you can actually use various solvents, such as water, 99% isopropyl alcohol, butane, ether, or pure naphtha. It is important to know that you should use 500 ml of solvent to extract the THC from 1 ounce and 2 gallons for 1 pound.

Use a clean, wooden stick or other similar item to crush the plant material.

Keep crushing it and add the solvent at the same time. Make sure you keep adding it until the material is fully soaked and covered. Stir it for at least 3 minutes. This will dissolve the THC (a chemical, known as tetrahydrocannabinol) off the plant material into the solvent.

Next, transfer the solvent oil mix into another plastic bucket.

Then, you should also add the solvent to the mix and try to extract the remaining tetrahydrocannabinol for 3 minutes.

Transfer the solvent oil mix into the bucket with the first mixture.

Strain the solvent oil mix by using a coffee filter. You should pour it into another container

A rice cooker can remove the solvent effectively. Note: You have to avoid red hot elements, cigarettes, open flames, stove-tops, or spark of any kind because they can ignite the fumes from the solvent.

Pour the solvent to the rice cooker until it is ¾ full. Then, you should turn it on high heat. You should do it in an area that is well-ventilated. Plus, you should also use a fan because it will blow the fumes away. As the solvent evaporates, keep adding the mixture to the cooker.

Pour several drops of water as the level in the cooker reduces for the last time to protect the oil from heat and get rid of the solvent residue.

When the cooker contains an inch of the mixture, wear oven mitts, lift the cooker and keep the contents moving. This helps release any remaining solvent.

Then, reduce the heat. The oil should not reach over 140˚ C or 290˚ F.

Remove the oil from the cooker and transfer it into a stainless steel container.

Put it in a dehydrator or a coffee warmer. It often takes several hours for the volatile terpenes and water to evaporate from the oil. Once you notice that there is not any bubbling or any other activity on the surface of the oil, you can use it.

Finally, suck it up in a plastic syringe. Your oil will have thick grease consistency when it cools completely.

You should consult your doctor and do your research prior to preparing or using the oil.

Check out the video below to learn how to prepare the oil:



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