There Is a Direct Correlation between Your Physical and Emotional Health: These Types of Pain Are Connected to Your Emotions!

Your thoughts and emotions can directly affect your physical health.

In other words, when you feel emotional pain, then the same areas of your brain get activated as if you experience physical pain. In fact, your body releases many different chemicals depending on your mood, whether they are stress hormones because of being anxious or feel-good chemicals as a result of being happy.

The modern medicine has repeatedly negated the connection between the phenomenon of emotional health and physical health.

However, several studies have confirmed that chronic pain may not only be triggered by physical injury but also by emotional problems and stress. Moreover, physical pain works by warning you that there is still emotional work to be done.

The Relationship between the Body and Mind

Although the direct impact of the mind on the body may not be readily apparent, but the connection between the body and mind is actually sacred.

For instance, in case you have an extremely positive attitude, mindset, as well as outlook on life, you are more likely to resolve your internal problems, thus helping you lead a happy and healthy life.

On the other hand, in case you have self-destructive thoughts all the time or you tend to see the worst aspect of almost everything, you avoid resolving your internal problems, thus leading an unhealthy lifestyle.

In fact, each experience and emotion you have is trapped in your body’s cell memory.

Consequently, most of your unresolved wounds or traumas keep appearing in various different areas of your life until you have completely healed them. The chart presented above shows which emotions have a direct impact on which body areas.

So, in case you experience pain and tightness within your body, and it’s not triggered by any physical activity, then it may be caused by any emotional problem.

Additionally, the physical pain you experience today may be an indicator of any unresolved past emotional issues. In short, your body may warn you that you should find inner peace as well as resolve your emotional problems.

Keep in mind that you should be aware of how you perceive your life experiences in order to prevent the rumination onset.

Rather than imprudently jumping from an emotion to the other, consider taking a step back to check if you can learn something from your experience.

It is always a good idea to observe the problem before you take some actions. Also, remember that you can keep literally everything under control.



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