How to Detox with a Coconut Oil Cleanse to Get Rid of Parasites, Viruses, and Fungal Infections!

You can use raw, organic coconut oil to cleanse your body of toxins, viruses, bacteria, and parasites completely naturally. The oil can also kill yeast and other fungal overgrowth in your body.

This detox is very effective because coconut oil contains medium chain triglycerides that help build up and boost your immune system. Additionally, coconut oil has a high amount of caprylic acid and lauric acid that have powerful antifungal, antiviral, and antimicrobial properties.

All these ingredients found in coconut oil can fight the harmful bacteria, thus leaving the good ones untouched. This results in a balanced gut flora and healthy digestive system.

Here Are Other Health Benefits of Raw, Organic Coconut Oil:
  • Enhances digestive function
  • Increases the body’s ability to burn excess fat
  • Boosts energy
  • Promotes and improves brain health
  • Protects against parasitic, fungal, viral, and bacterial infections
  • Prevents the onset of and alleviates the symptoms of Crohn’s disease
  • Promotes a proper intestinal flora balance
  • Builds up and strengthens the immune system
  • Helps regulate blood sugar levels
  • Enhances thyroid function
  • Helps restore joint function
  • Increases good or HDL cholesterol levels
  • Reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, including stroke, heart attack, and high blood pressure
  • Enhances skin tone and appearance
  • Helps decrease the risk of cancer
  • Helps in the prevention and treatment of many degenerative brain diseases, such as Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and more.
Here Is How to Use Coconut Oil to Detoxify Your Body:

Keep in mind that you should use raw, organic, extra-virgin coconut oil in order to get maximum benefits from the oil.

During the detox process, you should drink plenty of water to help eliminate the bacteria, viruses, parasites and other germs from your body.

In case you have never consumed coconut oil before, you need to allow your body to adjust by gradually introducing it into your diet.

To do the detox, start with half to one teaspoon of the oil 3 times on a daily basis. Then, slowly work your way up to one to two tablespoons 3 times a day. In most cases, it takes about 15 days to work up to the full amount. Once you feel comfortable consuming this amount of the oil, you can start the following coconut oil detox.

An Excellent Coconut Oil Detox

All you need to do is make a mixture of some warm water and coconut oil and consume it for 3-7 days.

You should take 10-14 tablespoons of coconut oil every day during the detox.  You should consume 2 tablespoons of the oil at intervals of about 2 hours during the day.

In case you cannot tolerate the taste of the oil, you may want to mix it with some plain, organic, unsweetened, and unflavored yogurt.

Also, you can consume up to 4 oz. of fresh, non-dried, unsweetened coconut meat because it abounds in fiber. Moreover, coconut meat can also nourish the beneficial bacteria present in your gut.

But, make sure you consult your doctor in case you suffer from any medical condition prior to doing the coconut oil detox.


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