Ease Knee, Back and Hip Pain with This Incredible 20-Minute Workout Plan!

Did you know that muscle weakness in your feet may result in knee, hip and back pain?

Leading a sedentary lifestyle leads to under-stretched feet, thus causing muscle weakness as well as shortened muscles.

If you stretch your feet adequately each morning and before exercise or long walks, it can significantly lower any type of pain in your body.

Even though it might be painful at first, doing foot stretches regularly can improve your overall mobility and balance.

Do These Foot Stretches Regularly to Alleviate Any Type of Pain:
  • Heel Raises

This foot exercise helps readjust your ankle joints and realign the tendons in your calves. Moreover, it also helps strengthen your toes and improve your balance.

Place a chair it in front of you and then stand tall.

Next, start lifting your left leg off the floor and bend it slightly at the knee.

Gradually raise and lower your right heel, so that the foot is adequately aligned with the leg.

Repeat the same procedure about ten-twenty times and then switch legs.

Do a couple of sets for maximum benefits.

  • Toe Walking

This foot exercise helps strengthen your toe muscles and the muscles and ligaments that surround the balls of your feet.

Start by standing on your tiptoes with your feet straight and then walk forward for about twenty seconds.

Afterwards, you should point your toes outward as well as walk for another twenty seconds.

Then, point your toes inwards and do the same procedure once more.

Take a 15-second break.

Do five repetitions.

  • Ankle Circles

Tight ankles can contribute to decreased ankle flexibility and mobility, which may eventually result in knee, hip or back pain.

Begin in a lying position with your knees bent and your feet flat on the ground.

Bring your left knee to your chest and move the left ankle in a circular motion.

Make sure the toes are pointed as they reach a twelve o’clock position as well as flexed outwards as they reach six o’clock.

It is recommended to do ten in circles in a clockwise motion and then change direction.

Do ten circles.

Next, bring your leg down and switch legs.

You should repeat the whole procedure with your right ankle.

Do five sets with each foot for maximum benefits.

  • Tibialis Anterior

It targets the small muscles in your feet. Doing this foot exercise on a regular basis helps strengthen and realign your hips and legs.

Begin in a sitting position and then bend your left knee. Next, straighten your right leg out in front of you.

Then, wrap an exercise band around a sturdy bedpost or chair to withstand the pull.

You should place the band on the top of the right foot, and then slide the left foot under it.

Afterwards, slowly bring your toes up towards the head.

Stay in each position for a couple of seconds and do ten reps.

Finally, switch legs and repeat the whole exercise.

It is advisable to do three sets for each foot for knee pain relief.

  • Toe Curls

This foot exercise helps build up dexterity and muscle strength in your feet. It is especially beneficial for runners.

Start by sitting down on a chair and then place a towel on the floor.

Next, place your feet on the towel.

Then, gently crunch up the towel towards you with your toes.

Do ten repetitions and then scrunch the towel back out again.

Do five sets for each direction.

Afterwards, take a break and wiggle the toes in order to boost blood flow.

You should place your feet back on the towel.

Grab the towel with the toes of your right foot. Make sure you hold it for about ten seconds.

Do five repetitions for each foot.

This foot exercise routine typically takes twenty minutes to complete. Do these foot exercises in succession of each other every two-three days.


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