STOP Buying Garlic. Here’s Step-by-Step Guide to Growing an Endless Supply of Garlic at Home!

Garlic is an indispensable ingredient that is often used in Asian and Mediterranean cookery. Intensely flavourful and aromatic, this ingredient is also used in each cuisine in the world.

It makes food delicious and has numerous health benefits. Moreover, it is packed with sulfur compounds, which are responsible for its strong taste and scent and its beneficial effects on human health.

The regular consumption of garlic has been associated with decreased risk of 4 of the main causes of death worldwide, such as infections, cancer, stroke, and heart disease.

Healing Properties and Health Benefits of Garlic:
– Helps Reduce Your Risk of Cancer

Studies have shown that the daily consumption of this supper-food can decrease your risk of colorectal, liver and stomach cancer.

– Improves Your Cardiovascular Health

The main active compound present in garlic, allicin, has been shown to decrease blood pressure, reduce fat deposition, fight atherosclerosis, and keep lipoprotein balance. It can also lower your LDL (bad) cholesterol levels and regulate your blood pressure. In addition, garlic also has potent antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-thrombotic capabilities. This means that eating garlic on a regular basis can improve your cardiovascular health.

– Boosts Your Immune System

Consuming garlic regularly can boost your immune system. Many studies have proven that those taking a garlic supplement on a daily basis had a 63% lower risk of catching flu and colds. Furthermore, this super-food can also fight stubborn Staph and strep infections. You can also prepare homemade garlic oil to fight ear infections.

Note: You should eat raw garlic for maximum benefits. Also, you may want to grow your own garlic. Namely, organic, home-grown garlic is more delicious and more nutritious compared to conventionally grown garlic.

Here Is How to Grow Your Own Garlic:

Garlic is easy to grow at home. Fortunately, you can grow your own garlic whether you have a backyard that can accommodate your yearly supply or have space for several plants.

Additionally, you need to plant organic garlic cloves because non-organic garlic from grocery stores may be loaded with pesticides and other toxic chemicals to prevent it from sprouting.

But, here is how to grow organic garlic at home:

If you grow it outdoors, make sure you plant it in October or before the ground freezes in the Northern hemisphere. In case you grow it indoors, this will not matter.

Furthermore, you should use fertile and loose soil. In addition, you need to cover it with about two or three inches of organic matter. Next, you should make shallow furrows 6 inches apart.

Then, take a large head of garlic and break it apart. Make sure you use the largest garlic cloves for planting. You can use the smaller ones to make a natural remedy or for cooking.

Afterwards, you should plant the cloves about four inches apart and two inches deep in the furrows with the clove’s pointier end facing up.

Use dirt to fill in the holes. Also, you need to water well. Plus, you should add some compost or dead leaves for best results.

In spring, when the plants begin to pop up, you should fertilize the garlic plants. You need to water your garlic when the soil feels dry 1 inch below the surface as well as clip off those flowers that grow. Keep in mind that garlic does not require too much water.

When the garlic plant has five or six green leaves, you should pull them up.

You can either consume your garlic or keep it for later on. In case you want to store it, simply clean it, and hang it in a cool and dry place. Finally, keep your garlic in a dark, well-ventilated room.



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