Do These 5 Foot Exercises to Enhance Your Balance, Strengthen Your Feet, and Alleviate Back Pain!

At first glance, doing foot exercises might not make sense when you are trying to alleviate back pain.

But, the following foot exercises have long been used in China to provide back pain relief. This method is called acupressure and helps fight disease and promote relaxation.

According to the Traditional Chinese medicine, specific acupressure points lie along channels or meridians in the body. They are actually the same energy meridians or pathways as those targeted with acupuncture.

A life force or vital energy, known as qi, flows through these invisible meridians. These meridians or energy pathways are connected to particular organs or networks of organs, so that they organize a system of communication throughout the human body.

Do These 5 Foot Exercises to Enhance Your Balance, Strengthen Your Feet, and Alleviate Back Pain:

– Toe Press

You should get a good warm up prior to engaging in any exercise. You may want to use toe press movements in order to get your body prepared and your blood flowing.

Stand straight up and then bend the knees slightly, so that you grab the floor with the toes. Practice this exercise for about 5 seconds and then do 10 repetitions. Practice this exercise 3 times on a daily basis for best results.

– Toe Walking

Practice toe walking to strengthen the muscles that surround the balls of your feet, your toe muscles and ligaments. All you need to do is stay on your tiptoes and move forward for about twenty seconds, take a break for fifteen seconds, and then do five repetitions.

You should practice this exercise 2 times every day for best results.

– Ankle Circles

Did you know that tight ankles are usually triggered by an overload of the body, resulting in joint and muscle pain, particularly back, hip and knee pain? So, you should increase the mobility and flexibility of your ankles to prevent this type of pain.

Lie on your back and then extend your leg over your head. You should rotate it clockwise for about ten seconds. Then, repeat the same procedure with the other leg.

– Toe Pencil Pickups

Simply place 1 pencil on the floor, and then grab it with the toes. Make sure that the pencil is off the floor. You should hold it for about 10 seconds. Repeat the same procedure 5 times with each foot.

– Resisted Flexion

It actually targets the tiny muscles in your foot that play an important role in maintaining balance. In addition, it can also tighten your muscles as well as protect against injuries.

Sit on the floor and then start straightening your feet in front of you. Afterwards, wrap an exercise band around your bedpost. Next, place the band on the top of your feet. Start leaning backward in order to tighten it. Finally, bend your foot backward and hold it for five seconds, take a break, and repeat it ten times.



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