THIS Fruity Dried Snack Is a New Alternative to Savory Jerky Snacks! Here Is How to Make It!

Watermelon is a fruit high in health-promoting nutrients.

It possesses 70 percent of the recommended daily amount of vitamin A as well as 80 percent of the recommended daily amount of vitamin C. That’s why it may help keep your skin bright, soft, and youthful. These vitamins can also make this fruit a powerful immunity-booster, which can help keep you vibrant, healthy, and strong.

This fruit is also abundant in vitamin B6, amino acids, antioxidants, and lycopene that may help improve your health in general. In addition, this amazing summer snack is low in sodium and does not possess fat. Furthermore, one cup of watermelon contains only 40 calories.

In case you want to consume watermelon, then watermelon jerky may be the ultimate summer snack.

Moreover, it is made with only 1 ingredient: organic watermelon. The good news is that it does not contain adder sugars, chemicals, or any other artificial ingredients. On the other hand, it possesses minerals, vitamins, and fiber. In fact, this fruity dried snack presents a completely new alternative to conventional savory jerky snacks.

Additionally, these sweet, leathery strips possess all the benefits of watermelons and taste great, which make them the best tote-along for beaching, hiking, etc. This delicious snack requires a sprinkle of salt, a little slicing, and some patience.

Homemade Watermelon Jerky Recipe

Things You Will Need:

  • One whole watermelon
  • Some chili-lime seasoning (if desired)
  • Some smoked salt (if desired)
  • Some kosher salt (if desired)


First of all, you should quarter the watermelon. You should slice it into a quarter inch thick sheets. Next, cut off the rind and then slice every sheet into strips.

Afterwards, place the watermelon strips on a parchment paper-lined dehydrator tray and then sprinkle the chili-lime seasoning, kosher salt, and smoked salt across them.

It is advisable to dehydrate them at 170 degrees for about ten-twelve hours. Leave them to cool completely before you remove them from the tray.




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