Here Is How to Use Himalayan Pink Salt to Cleanse Your Lungs of Mucus, Toxins and Bacteria!

Himalayan salt is one of the healthiest and purest hand-mined salts for culinary, cosmetic and therapeutic uses. Furthermore, this type of salt contains crystals that range in color from white to pink.

This type of salt possesses the same 84 trace elements and essential minerals present in the human body. These minerals and elements can significantly improve your vitality and your health in general.

The minerals present in the salt are in an ionic state. In short, they are tiny enough for your body cells to absorb easily.

The regular consumption of Himalayan Pink salt can promote proper nutrient absorption, boost circulation, balance electrolytes, keep optimal body’s pH balance, and remove toxins.

What Is Salt Therapy?

Even though it’s new to the U.S., salt rooms have been used for their therapeutic effects in Eastern Europe for about 2 centuries. A large number of people suffering from lung conditions have visited salt mines due to their healing benefits for years. Salt therapy was also used by the Ancient Greeks who suffered from respiratory issues.

Additionally, salt therapy has become popular in the U.S. because of the salt room introduction in spas as well as other wellness businesses.

As the salt is inhaled, it travels through your sinuses and respiratory tract, absorbs moisture, clears mucus, cleanses, and destroys harmful bacteria.

Moreover, Himalayan salt has powerful anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-microbial properties that help loosen phlegm and mucus build up and help in the treatment of bronchitis and asthma. Researchers have found that those suffering from sinusitis, congestion, seasonal allergies, bronchitis, asthma, chronic upper respiratory conditions, and skin conditions can get great benefits from salt therapy.

In addition, salt therapy can also prevent or fight respiratory viruses, such as a common cold and flu. This means that people who are more prone to multiple or chronic colds within a year can also benefit from salt therapy.

Salt therapy not only alleviates the symptoms of respiratory conditions, but it can also help in the treatment of many skin problems, such as acne, psoriasis, and eczema. What’s more, it also leads to a great reduction in stress levels through the negative ion production to strengthen the immune system and fight fatigue and chronic stress.

Therapeutic Effects of Himalayan Salt Inhalers

Modern salt air therapy, such as Himalayan Crystal Salt Inhalers, combines both the modern and ancient techniques. Specifically, Himalayan salt crystals rest in a chamber inside the inhaler.

Furthermore, as you inhale, the salt particles are absorbed into your lungs, thus alleviating the symptoms of congestion, hay fever, allergies, a common cold, asthma, and sinus infections.

Here Are the Health Benefits of Himalayan Salt Inhalers:

– Salt may help decrease excess mucus since it acts as a potent expectorant.

– Himalayan salt inhalation therapy can cleanse your body of germs because the salt   has miraculous anti-fungal, anti-microbial, and antibacterial properties.

– It can decrease swelling and redness of your nasal passages.

– Salt inhalation therapy may lower mucus, relieve the symptoms of coughing and post nasal drip during the night, thus promoting restorative sleep.

– It can lower inflammation triggered by smoke and environmental pollutants.

Unlike conventional inhalers and other medications, this therapeutic approach does not contribute to any adverse side effects.

Here Is How to Use These Inhalers

First of all, follow the package directions to learn how to place Himalayan rocks inside the ceramic inhaler. However, you should avoid using plastic inhalers.

Afterwards, place the mouthpiece of the salt inhaler in the mouth.

Inhale through the mouth and then exhale through the nose.

The inhaler is for dry therapy only, which means you should not add water.

You can actually bring the ions of the salt into your lungs by breathing in with slow and deep breaths. The ions can bypass your nasal filtering system and go directly into your lungs as they are too small. Next, your lungs absorb these ions, and then bring them into your bloodstream. This salt inhalation therapy can lower lung inflammation and pain triggered by many conditions like bronchitis, pneumonia, and asthma.

Even though a great number of people have noticed instant and significant results in a few days, the effects of using these inhalers are typically noticed with consistent and regular use.

Important Tips: You can refill your inhaler with the salt by opening the round plastic stopper and emptying out the used salt. The next thing you should do is refill it with fresh Himalayan crystal salt and plug the stopper back in. Make sure you refill your inhaler with Himalayan salt only.

Also, follow the cleaning directions on the inhaler package and keep in mind that inhalers are recommended for one person only.



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