A Himalayan Salt Block Is One of the Most Powerful and Safest Cooking Utensils You Can Have in Your Kitchen! Here Is Why!

Himalayan salt, also known as pink gold, is the healthiest and purest type of salt ever in existence since it does not possess any chemicals or pollutants. Moreover, it is actually pulled from the highest mountain range in the world that is the Himalayan mountain range.

This type of salt has been prized due to its healing and restorative properties for centuries. Himalayan salt has been long used as a super-food in the human diet. It is an excellent source of various trace minerals. Additionally, it releases a unique ionic energy when mixed with water.

The regular consumption of Himalayan salt can reduce acid reflux, prevent muscle cramps, balance pH levels, strengthen bones, improve metabolism, create an electrolyte balance, and increase hydration. That’s not all, it can also improve the ability of the intestines to absorb nutrients, regulate water content inside and outside of cells, remove toxins, boost blood circulation, normalize blood pressure, and prevent goiters.

The Salt Contains a Large Number of Health-Promoting Elements and Minerals:

It is packed with 84 miraculous elements, which provide your body with all the essential and necessary minerals for optimal health and well-being. The salt is rich in calcium, sulphate, potassium, bromide, magnesium, iron, bicarbonate, borate, strontium, and fluoride. Himalayan salt has many hues of white, red, and pink, which show that the salt possesses rich and varying mineral content.

In addition, these minerals and elements are found in the crystals as small particles of colloidal size. They are easily absorbed as well as metabolized by the cells in the human body.

What Is a Himalayan Salt Block?

A Himalayan salt block is an amazing cookware that can help you enjoy Himalayan Pink Salt. You can use it to sear and heat light items like eggs, thinly sliced fish and beef. It adds an improved salt and mineral flavor to the food.

Food actually tastes better when prepared on a Himalayan salt block. Unlike table salt, the food prepared on a Himalayan salt block cannot be over-seasoned or under-seasoned.

That’s not all, it is among the safest cookware that you can use. Also, the salt acts as an excellent antimicrobial agent, which can kill off microbes and preserve food.

What’s more, a Himalayan salt block can withstand extreme temperatures. Therefore, you can place the salt block on a gas stove or grill to heat up for frying food or chill it in the fridge in order to serve cold food. The salt block can withstand temperatures between -17°C to 482°C (0°F to 900°F).

But, it is NOT recommended to expose it to sudden temperature changes. Also, it is advisable to leave it to rest for at least 24 hours between uses.

Here Is How to Use It:

You should use the Himalayan salt block on a gas stove or grill. However, avoid using it in an oven.

You can use the salt block on a gas stove by placing it on the stove and then start at a low temperature. You should gradually increase the temperature. Moreover, it usually takes about 40 minutes to reach a temperature of 149°C (300°F).

Before cooking, you should heat the Himalayan salt block for 40 minutes.

Before cleaning, leave it to cool completely.

Source: spiritegg.com


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