Do These Things Today for a Long, Happy and Fulfilling Life!

Living in your thirties is an amazing time. This means that you know yourself as well as you know what exactly you want to do in life. Fortunately, you also have the chance to set the stage for the rest of your life.

You Should Do These Things at the Age of 30 for a Long, Happy and Fulfilling Life:

– Create Your Own Garden

In case you have or want to buy a house, choose one where you can have your own garden and plant your own fruits. So, by the time you are in your fifties, you will have consumed your home-grown food.

– Sacrifice for Your Friends

Take more time each week to hang out with your friends who you want in your life for the years to come. This actually brings you happiness and fulfilment later on.

– Write down Your Experiences

It is a good idea to write down all your experiences both the good and bad ones.  Moreover, this will allow you to look back and see how far you have come.

– Take More Time for Yourself

Putting yourself on the priority list allows you to heal, renew and create reserves. Take more time for yourself and find out what makes you happy.

– Travel

Nowadays, it is very easy to travel to different parts of the world. It is always a good idea to walk in different lands, meet new cultures, and see new sights.

– Read Books

In a world full of social media, movies, and TV shows, most people stop reading books. However, books help expand your perspective and mind, make you smarter, as well as help connect you to those of the future, past, and present and future.

– Do Certain Things that Scare You Once in a While

You should do certain things that scare you from time to time. You should avoid getting too comfortable. For instance, simply sign up for a dance class, ride that roller coaster, or talk to someone intimidating. If you get out of your comfort zone, it can help you grow as well as prevent you from getting old.

– Care for Others

There isn’t anything so worthwhile and rewarding like caring for others. This actually helps pull you out of your own problems and find joy in taking care for others.

– Focus on Making Memories Instead of Purchasing Things

Researchers have concluded that people who focus on making memories instead of purchasing things lead more fulfilled and happier lives. Unlike memories, things do not last. So, it is advisable to make memories with yourself and your friends and family.

– Keep Your Teeth Healthy

Many common diseases and illnesses have been linked to poor oral hygiene. In addition, unsolved problems in your mouth could result in more serious problems. You should use natural remedies to heal cavities and keep your teeth healthy.

– Get Restorative Sleep

You should get about 8 hours of good nights sleep each night to recover from the exercise of the day before and get ready for the next day, refreshed and ready to take on new challenges.

– Set Goals

It is recommended to set goals, write them down and do your best in achieving them in order to create a great future as well as a past full of growth and wonderful experiences. Remember that your goals can help you reach your full potential.

– Learn to Be Present

Plenty of your contentment and happiness is attributed to your ability to be present. In case you constantly relive the past and over-think the future, then you can miss out on the present, thus missing out on your whole life. So, you may want to practice meditation and mindfulness. Also, you should spend some time in silence.

– Save Money

You may have a good portion of income, which isn’t needed for day-to-day living expenses thanks to a little careful budgeting. Simply save money each paycheck no matter if it is only a few dollars.

– Quit Smoking

Premature death triggered by smoking is among the most preventable deaths worldwide. Unfortunately, thousands of people die because of the side effects of smoking each year. So, it is advisable to break this bad habit to cleanse your body of about 4000 chemicals and 800 additives and improve your overall health.

– Exclude Processed and Junk Foods from Your Diet

Eliminate fast and processed foods from your diet and consume whole real foods to enjoy good health later in life.

– Increase Your Physical Activity

It is important to understand that your ability to enjoy life today and in future depends on the well-being and health of your body. So, you should get regular exercise in order to optimize your longevity and overall health.

– Spend Enough Time Outdoors

Spending enough time outdoors can have refreshing and revitalizing effects on your body and mind. Therefore, when you are nervous, anxious or exhausted, go for a walk in nature. You will be amazed by the results.

– Repair and Enhance Your Family Relationships

You might feel like you live a different life than your family. However, keep in mind that not taking enough time to love and care for your family may be the reason why you will regret when you get old. So, you should love, support and forgive your family.



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