This Marvelous Elixir Can Help You Get Rid of Your Bloated Stomach and Flatten Your Belly within 4 Days!

Everyone wants to have a flat belly, right? But, the regular consumption of all the processed and sugary rich-beverages and foods can lead to a bloated stomach and excess belly fat. Most people find it very difficult to get rid of their bloated belly.

However, here is an all-natural recipe that can help you get rid of your bloated belly and lose the extra pounds in the abdominal area.

All-Natural Beverage Recipe for a Flat Belly
Needed Ingredients:
  • 8 glasses of purified water
  • 1 organic lemon
  • 1 organic cucumber
  • A teaspoon of organic turmeric root powder
  • A teaspoon of organic ginger root powder
  • 3 drops of high-quality mint essential oil
  • A pinch of ground black pepper

For best results, use only organic ingredients in the recipe.


First of all, peel and cut the cucumber into chunks. Also, cut the lemon into chunks.

Afterwards, you should mix all the ingredients together, and then replace the resulted mixture into a glass jar or glass bottle. It is recommended to store the beverage in the fridge.

How to Use It:

You should consume about 4-5 glasses of this homemade slimming beverage on a daily basis. But, make sure you take one glass first thing in the morning on an empty stomach for even better results.

According to nutritionists, if you take the beverage as recommended and practice a few simple exercises, you can actually lose up to 9 pounds in 4 days.

Bonus tips:

Even though you may lose weight within a very short period of time, you might not lose the excess belly fat so easily. Hence, in order to achieve maximum results, consider consuming the above mentioned slimming elixir as well as practicing some simple exercises 4-5 days per week.



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