Top 20 Natural Remedies That Are More Effective than Pain Relievers!

Although most people are conscious of the routines and things that should be done to keep optimal mental and physical health, only a few follow these recommendations.

Following a healthy lifestyle includes consuming whole foods and reducing your consumption of processes foods, alcohol, soda and sugar. This also includes exercising on a regular basis.

So, you should use the following 20 natural remedies to alleviate any type of pain rather than taking pain relievers as they often come with adverse side effects.

These 20 Foods Are More Effective than Pain Relievers:

– Chronic Pain: Turmeric

Turmeric has been found to be 3 times better than ibuprofen, aspirin, and naproxen because of its strong anti-inflammatory properties. This spice could relieve pain related to fibromyalgia by a whopping 50 percent. Simply take ¼ tsp. of turmeric along with vegetables, poultry or rice on a daily basis to prevent or fight chronic pain.

– Toothache: Cloves

Cloves possess eugenol and have incredible anaesthetic properties. You should chew a clove to reduce gum and teeth pain.

– Muscle Pain: Ginger

A team of Danish researchers conducted a study that showed that ginger could decrease joint or muscle pain and swelling by a whopping 63 percent because of its active compound called gingerol. Therefore, you should take 1 tsp. of ginger on a daily basis to prevent pain.

– Sore Muscles: Mint

You should soak in a solution of 10 drops of mint oil and some water to relax your muscles. This is actually more effective than most pain relievers at soothing sore muscles.

 – Earache: Garlic

You should use two drops of garlic oil to relieve earache. The only thing you need to do is apply it in the aching ear. Also, repeat the same procedure for about five days.

Furthermore, garlic may be more effective compared to medications as it possesses potent active compounds, such as selenium and sulfur. These compounds could help fight harmful bacteria and relieve pain. You can make your own garlic oil by simmering half a tbsp. of olive oil with 3 garlic cloves for about two minutes.

– Abdominal Pain: Fish

You need to eat about 18 ounces of fish a week to help prevent indigestion, inflammation, abdominal pain, and more. You should eat sardines, herring, mackerel, tuna, salmon, and trout.

– Heartburn: Apple Cider Vinegar

Simply sip 1 spoon of raw, organic apple cider vinegar in an 8 oz. glass of water before having a meal to prevent acid reflux. Apple cider vinegar possesses tartaric and malic acid that aid in digestion of fats and proteins.

– Headache and Joint Pain: Cherries

Cherries could help alleviate the symptoms of gout, arthritis, and headache. A study has proven that the regular consumption of cherries could be ten times more effective than aspirin and ibuprofen. So, you should consume one bowl of cherries every day.

– Leg Cramps: Tomato Juice

Intense workouts, use of diuretics, and potassium deficiency could contribute to leg cramps. You can soothe leg cramps by consuming a 10 oz glass of tomato juice on a daily basis.

– Endometrial Pain: Oats

Endometriosis can result in severe pain. Luckily, the regular consumption of oats could help alleviate this type of pain by up to 60 percent. The good news is that oats are all-natural and gluten-free, thus reducing inflammation.

– Injury Pain: Water

An author of the Good Mood Diet, Kleiner, explains that drinking plenty of water on a daily basis helps dilute pain in tissues, lubricate spine discs and joints, thus providing pain relief.

– PMS: Yogurt

PMS makes your nervous system sensitive and leads to imbalance in your progesterone and estrogen levels.

Fortunately, consuming two cups of yogurt daily could help alleviate the symptoms of PMS by up to 48 percent. Yogurt is packed with calcium that helps soothe your nerves and relieve menstrual cramps.

– Migraine: Coffee

According to the National headache foundation, the consumption of coffee could help treat migraine by 40 percent.

– Feet Ache: Salt

Salt helps eliminate harmful bacteria, germs, inflammation and swelling. So, you can fight infections by soaking your ingrown nails in some salty warm water. You should also repeat the same procedure for about four days. The only thing you need to do is add a tsp. of salt to a cup of water, and soak your feet in the solution for about twenty minutes.

– Digestive Problems: Pineapple

The consumption of 1 cup of pineapple juice could help get rid of bloating in three days as pineapples possess powerful enzymes that could boost digestion.

– Sinus Infections: Horseradish

Horseradish helps boost blood flow, fight congestion, and support sinus drainage. So, take a tsp. of it twice daily to fight sinus infections.

– Bladder Infections: Blueberries

The Rutgers University carried out a study that suggested that the consumption of a cup of blueberries per day could the decrease the risk of bladder infections by up to 60 percent.

– Breast Pain: Flax

Taking 3 tbsp. of ground flax daily has been found to alleviate breast pain within a period of three months. You can add it to vegetable dips, smoothies, oatmeal, yogurt, and more.

– Mouth Sores: Honey

You can heal mouth sores by applying some raw, organic honey to the affected area. The potent enzymes present in honey could fight inflammation and kill viruses.



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