The Oil that Removes Uric Acid from the Blood, Cures Anxiety and Stops Alcohol and Cigarette Cravings!

Black pepper is among the most commonly used spices worldwide. It is used as a flavoring agent in various meals. However, Black pepper essential oil has numerous medicinal uses. Over the past few years, research has shown that black pepper essential oil and its main active compound, known as piperine, could improve the digestive health as well as prevent oxidative damage.

It can also help alleviate pains and aches, boost blood circulation, reduce LDL cholesterol, and detoxify your body, among many others. In fact, Black pepper essential oil has a number of medicinal properties, including analgesic, stimulant, diaphoretic, anticatarrhal, expectorant, laxative, antispasmodic, anthelmintic, diuretic,  carminative, aphrodisiac, antioxidant, rubefacient, circulatory, antiseptic, antibacterial, anti-arthritic, febrifuge, and anti-inflammatory.

The health benefits from Black pepper essential oil depend on the way it is used. It can be inhaled aromatically, taken orally, or applied topically.

In addition, here is how to use Black Pepper Essential oil in these 3 ways and the therapeutic effects you can expect from each.

How to Use It Aromatically:

Black pepper essential oil can help relax your body and mind. When used in aromatherapy, (usually in combination with other oils like Frankincense, Lavender, Cedar wood, and Juniper,) it helps alleviate mental stress. A study has shown that the oil could help reduce stress associated with smoking cessation.

How to Apply It Topically:

You can also apply Black pepper essential oil topically. As a result of its extensive warming sensation, you should use it in moderation or with a carrier oil. In addition, this warming sensation makes it an excellent natural remedy for muscle relaxation when used as a massage oil. That’s not all, the muscle-relaxing and antispasmodic properties make it perfect for those suffering from cramps and pulls. It also has strong antioxidant properties that help eliminate toxins such as uric acid from your blood. So, if you suffer from gout, chronic arthritis, or rheumatism, you may want to use Black pepper essential oil.

How to Take It Orally:

Black pepper essential oil can also be taken orally. Simply add it to your favorite steak sauce or BBQ. It actually provides potent antioxidants known as Sesquiterpenes, which help stimulate urination and sweating, i.e., the 2 common ways your body uses to get rid of toxins. It also helps promote healthy digestion because it boosts the secretion of bile and other acidic juices in your stomach, thus helping break down and process food effectively.

Including Black pepper essential oil in your routine helps improve your physical and mental health.



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