These 9 Types of Pain Are Associated with Emotional Stress!

Western medicine practice has overlooked the link between the human body and the emotions, mind, and spirit. Researchers have found that chronic pain may not only be triggered by physical injuries but also by chronic stress and emotional problems.

Specifically, those who suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or have experienced trauma are at a higher risk of developing chronic pain.

These 9 Types of Pain Are Associated with Emotional Stress:

– Knee Pain

Pain in the knees has been connected to a huge ego. Namely, if your ego is too big and you think of yourself too highly, you might experience knee pain. Simply humble yourself as well as spend some time volunteering.

– Headaches

Headaches could be triggered by stresses of the day. Therefore, you should take enough time to rest and relax and relieve the stress on a daily basis.

– Hip Pain

In case you suffer from pain in your hips, it may indicate that you are afraid of moving. In other words, hip pain may suggest that you are resistant to changing and moving on.

– Elbow Pain

If you suffer from pain in your elbows, it may indicate you resist any change in your life. In case you have stiff arms, then you may also have a stiff life. Therefore, it is advisable to shake things up a bit as well as make compromises.

– Neck Pain

In case you suffer from neck pain, you may have difficulty forgiving yourself or others. So, in case you experience neck pain, consider the things you love about yourself and others.

– Hand Pain

In case you experience pain in your hands, you might not be reaching out to others in the way you should be. This means that you should make new friends, make new connections, or have lunch with a co-worker.

– Shoulder Pain

If you experience pain in your shoulders, you may carry a heavy emotional burden. This is where the saying “shouldering a problem” originates from. To alleviate shoulder pain, you should focus in on proactive problem solving. You may also want to distribute some of that burden to your friends or family.

– Lower Back Pain

If you experience pain in your lower back, it might indicate that you are worried about money. So, you may want to consider a financial planner or ask for that overdue raise.

– Upper Back Pain

If you suffer from pain in your upper back, it may suggest that you do not have enough emotional support. In particular, you may feel unwanted and unloved. So, in case you are single, you should go out on a date.



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