These Resistance Exercises Engage All Large Muscle Groups in the Body and Make Your Body Look Irresistible and Fat-Free!

Those trying to lose weight and shape their body cannot achieve their goals by simply practicing cardio exercises.

But, if you are one of those people, then it is advisable to start performing resistance exercises as well as enhance your endurance and strength to tone your body!

Moreover, there has recently been carried out a study testing the effectiveness of resistance exercise on non-alcoholic fatty liver disease metabolic constraints. To explain you more deeply, the study involved 53 patients, who were separated into 2 groups. In addition, the first group of participants practiced squats and pushups 3 times a week over a 3-month period. The second group did not perform any resistance exercise.

The results showed that those who practiced resistance exercises significantly elevated the fat-free and muscle mass, whereas reduced their insulin, iron, and fatty liver levels. So, researchers concluded that this type of exercises enhance metabolic syndrome characteristics in case of a non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

Here are several extremely powerful exercises, which can help you shape your body, slow down the aging process as well as look irresistible:

It is good to know that these exercises are known as compounds movements, which means they hit several muscles at the same time.

– The Burpee

It is a resistance exercise that targets the large muscle groups within the body.  Keep in mind that The Burpee can help you get rid of your belly fat more effectively than hours of cardio exercises. That’s not all, this exercise can abe also modified to your fitness level.

– The Squat

It is actually a basic functional movement that can help you tone your leg and butt muscles. In case you want to intensify the exercise, consider trying a barbell or dumb bells.

– The Pull Up

You can incredibly tone your back muscles by performing this exercise. Even though, you may find it difficult at first, but you should perform certain simpler alternatives before you succeed in it.

– The Push Up

By practicing this exercise you can strengthen your shoulders, triceps, and upper chest. What’s more, this exercise can also greatly tone your core muscles. Plus, it can be done almost everywhere, and modified to any fitness level.

– The Lunge

By performing this resistance exercise you can shape your butt muscles as well as tone your hamstrings. However, in case you experience knee pain while practicing it, consider substituting it with the glute bridge.

– The Skater

It can significantly help you develop ankle and knee stability. For extra results, you should also practice jolting to the joints and minimum jumping.

– The Spider Crawl

You can enhance your hip mobility and flexibility and tone your core by performing the Spider Crawl.

– The Plank

It is a challenging exercise that targets the entire core, as well as the transverse abdominous. Therefore, it is known to prevent and alleviate back pain. Moreover, it is recommended to stay in this position for about a minute.

– Jumping Rope

Jumping rope is an excellent option for burning calories, and strengthening the leg and arm muscles. Additionally, consider performing a phantom skip. In other words, you should toss the rope to the side and go through motions while pretending to jump the rope.

– The Get Up

It is a triceps move that targets your core muscles to a high level and therefore you can create a flat and toned belly.

These exercises take about 15 minutes of your time, but they can make your body irresistible and fat-free.



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