Ancient Chinese Medicine: Treat Chronic Fatigue with This Simple Self-Help Energy Technique!

Chronic fatigue syndrome is characterized by persistent fatigue that doesn’t disappear with sleep or rest and has a negative impact on everyday life. Additionally, it is a complicated medical disorder because its main symptoms like extreme fatigue cannot be explained by any underlying medical condition.

Although the major culprit of the condition is unknown, it is considered that the chronic fatigue symptom is caused by a holistic combination of factors including weakened immune system, hormonal imbalances, emotional trauma or stress, and viral infections.

Here Are the Most Common Chronic Fatigue Symptoms:
  • Fatigue
  • Extreme exhaustion long after exercising or experiencing mental stress
  • Poor concentration or memory
  • Non-restorative sleep
  • Unexplained muscle pain
  • Enlarged lymph nodes in armpits or neck
  • Sore throat
  • Severe headaches
  • Moving joint pain, without any redness or inflammation
  • Unexplained depression
How to Treat Chronic Fatigue by Using a Holistic Approach

Meridian lines or also known as energy pathways originate in ancient Chinese medicine. Moreover, they can be regulated by specific acupuncture points since they go across the entire body, thus keeping proper energy flow in the body.

Experts at the Academy of Classical Oriental Sciences explain that the meridian actually describes the total energy distribution system. It also helps us perceive how blood and other body fluids spread throughout the entire body.

A great number of people have used this ancient Chinese technique to relieve or get rid of their chronic fatigue as a result of the fact that meridian lines are based on the energetic distribution network of energetic manifestation.

The Triple Warmer Meridian and Chronic Fatigue  

The energy pathway located behind the ear or also known as Triple Warmer is connected to chronic fatigue and depression, according to the Ancient Chinese Medicine of meridian lines. This energy pathway is linked to all body organs, thus regulating the relationship between the hormonal distribution and hormone gland systems.

Furthermore, it is actually responsible for the transformation and movement of a variety of fluids and solids throughout the body. It is also responsible for the creation and circulation of protective and nourishing energy. Once the meridian becomes over energized, then it starts seeping energy from the immune system and attacking the body, thus contributing to chronic fatigue syndrome.

You can seek out professional help to calm the triple warmer, but you can also sedate it at home. So, in case you feel drained, pulled or fatigued, you should use one or both of these simple self-help energy techniques in order to calm this energy pathway:

  1. First of all, place the left fingers under the left knee. Simultaneously, place the right fingers above the left elbow and hold them long enough.

After a while, you will start feeling your pulse in both areas. Also, your pulses will start synchronizing, which means that you have held the points properly. However, in case you do not feel your pulses, then hold the points for a few minutes.

At least, you should also repeat the same procedure on the right side of your body. In short, just place your right hand below your right knee, as well as your left hand above your right elbow.

  1. Another option to calm this energy pathway is to place your left fingers at the indent at the outside of your left baby toe. Simultaneously, place the right fingers at the point between the base knuckles of the left hand, which is located between the ring finger and little finger. Also, hold the points for a few minutes to feel the synchronized pulses in both areas.

Finally, repeat the same procedure on the other side of your body.

Even though you can alleviate your chronic fatigue by pressing these specific points on your body, but you should also make certain lifestyle changes and try to determine the underlying cause of the problem. For best results, avoid putting stress on your body and spirit.


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