Here Is Why You Should Spread Salt Around Your House!

Most people consider salt a white granular food seasoning.

While salt can make your food more flavorful, you can also use it around your house. Namely, as it is not toxic, you can use salt for disinfection and cleaning of items in your home. Moreover, it is a cost-effective product that can be used around your house.

9 Beauty and Household Uses for Salt:
– Keeps Ants out of Your Kitchen 

You can use salt in order to keep those pesky ants away from your windows and food storage cabinets. All you need to do is put a small amount of salt on the windowsills and any kitchen surfaces attacked by those pesky insects. If you use salt like this, it can reduce the humidity levels in your home.

– Helps Clean Your House and Car Windows

Create a mixture of a gallon of warm water and several tbsp. of salt. You should use the mixture to clean your window as well as remove any stubborn stains. The only thing you should do is rub and clean your windows by using the mixture. This will actually make your windows shine. Plus, you can also clean your car windows by using this salt-water mixture.

– Makes Colors Brighter

Concentrated salt water is an incredible solution to make colors brighter. Specifically, you can use it in case you want your fiber rugs or curtains to have the original glare again. Believe it or not, with only one wash, their color will be restored if you soak a cloth in the solution and then use it to rub the faded carpets and rugs. Furthermore, it can also clean any stains and spots, which previously were almost impossible to get rid of with store-bought detergents.

– Prevents Your Clothes from Shrinking

You can prevent shrinking of your clothes by using some salt in the final wash. Moreover, it can keep your clothes soft and without any stains. Remember that it is especially beneficial in case you dry your clothes outside in the sun.

– Cleans Sink Drains

Mix some hot water and salt and then pour the mixture in the sink. This will remove the build-up of grease that deodorizes the sink and results in the clogged drain.

– Helps Polish Copper, Brass, and Silver

In case you have silver, brass, and copper ornaments, then you may want to keep them clean. It is a well-know fact that the metals can fade over time. As a result of this, you may want to keep them clean. In addition, salt is the simplest, safest and non-corrosive solution for this common problem.

Simply mix some vinegar and salt and then rub the objects with the mixture. Make sure you rub them until you notice that the mixture has dissolved any dirt and stains.

– Helps Whiten Your Teeth

You can whiten your teeth by using a mixture of baking soda and salt. Rub the mixture on your teeth and then brush your teeth as usual. It can keep your teeth clean and white.

– Serves as an Excellent Mouthwash

Mix some warm water and salt and swirl it in your mouth in order to get rid of mouth sores or alleviate a toothache. There is no doubt that it acts as an effective mouthwash.

– Rejuvenates Your Skin

Combine some salt and lavender or olive oil to prepare a fantastic bath scrub. You should apply it to your body. Allow it to act for a while. Finally, wash it away with water. Keep in mind that the salt has an ability to rejuvenate your skin and get rid of the dead skin cells.


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