Doing These Stretches on a Regular Basis Can Help Relieve Lower Back Pain and Keep Your Back Strong and Flexible!

There is no doubt that a sedentary lifestyle can lead to various health problems. If you work at an office or from home, you probably do not get as much exercise as you should. So, you should do the following stretches everyday in order to alleviate lower back pain.

Lower Back Pain Affects 31 Million People in the U.S. Alone

The American Chiropractic Association notes that about 31 million people are suffering from lower back pain at a given time in the U.S. alone.

Instead of trying to relieve pain with pain killers and ice packs, identify the root cause of your discomfort. The root cause of your discomfort can include sore muscles. Although getting massaged on a regular basis is useful, you should also straighten and stretch your muscles to get total pain relief.

Practicing simple stretches is beneficial for your body and mind. But, did you know that coordinated stretches are done in prisons in order to enhance inmate health, reduce aggression levels, and decrease the number of fights between inmates?

If You Suffer from Back Pain or Sit in a Stationary Position All Day Long, Do These Simple Stretches to Alleviate Back Pain:

Doing these stretches on a regular basis can help relieve lower back pain and keep your back strong and flexible.

– Supine Lying Hamstring Stretch

  1. Sit down on the mat and place the legs out in front of you.
  2. Next, place a resistance band or rope under the arch of one foot while keeping the other leg extended on the floor.
  3. Then, slowly lean back. Make sure that the leg you are stretching is at a 90-degree angle, whereas the other is extended on the floor.
  4. You may also want to point the toe or bend the knee slightly for a deeper stretch.
  5. Stay in this position for about half a minute, return to the initial position and then repeat the same procedure with the other leg.

– The Knee to Chest Stretch

  1. Lie on the back with the left knee bent.
  2. Pull the knee into the chest with the hands while keeping the back flat on the floor. You should feel the stretch in the buttocks and hips.
  3. You can also bring the nose towards the knees and keep the shoulder loose for a deeper stretch.
  4. Stay in this position for up to half a minute, repeat a couple of times, and repeat the whole exercise three times on a daily basis.

– The Piriformis Stretch

  1. Lie on the back with the knees bent. Then, place an ankle over the other leg, above your knee.
  2. Next, gently raise your bottom leg off the floor toward the chest. You should stay in this position for about five seconds or until you feel the stretch in your pelvis.
  3. Gradually release your lower leg back to the floor, and straighten your top leg. Finally, switch sides.
  4. You should feel the stretch in your buttocks, lower back, as well as the back of your thighs.

– The Spinal Twist Stretch

  1. Lie on the side while extending the lower arm out at a 90-degree angle from the body.
  2. Afterwards, cross the top leg over the bottom leg. Use the bottom hand to pull the leg towards the floor.
  3. While dropping the head down, you should place the top hand on the rib cage.
  4. Inhale, and pull on the ribs and twist the torso to the other side as you breathe out.
  5. Return to the initial position as you breathe in. It is advisable to do this back-and-forth for several breaths.
  6. Then, twist completely to the side, and rest the shoulder blades to the floor. Stay in this position for several deep breaths.
  7. You should hold this stretch for about half a minute per leg.

– The Hip Flexors Stretch

  1. Begin in a kneeling lunge position and place the right knee in front of you, in line with the hips and ankles. Make sure the left knee is placed in line with the hips and back, with the left shin on the floor behind you.
  2. Then, rotate your pelvis inward by squeezing the glutes.
  3. Afterwards, squeeze the abdominal muscles.
  4. Make sure you keep the abdominal muscles and glutes activated while shifting the weight onto the front knee.
  5. Stay in this position for about half a minute, switch legs and then repeat the same procedure.

– The Chair Lower Back Stretch

  1. You should sit on a sturdy chair. The wider apart you get your knees, the deeper the stretch will be.
  2. Next, place the left hand on the seat on the chair. But, make sure you keep the back of the hand towards the ceiling.
  3. Then, start leaning to the left side. But, make sure you do not bring the chest towards the knees. While keeping the shoulders straight and relaxed, bend the head towards the left shoulder.
  4. In case you feel pain, simply place a pillow on the left thigh and lean against it while doing the stretch.
  5. You should roll the right shoulder inward as well as lean further to the side for a deeper back stretch.
  6. Take deep breaths.
  7. Afterwards, bring the right arm in front of you, above the right shoulder and then off to the side. Stay in this position for several seconds.
  8. While taking one breath at a time, roll the right shoulder further inwards.
  9. Then, rest the right arm on the left thigh.
  10. Finally, release the arms, return to the initial position, and repeat the same procedure on the other side.

– The Quadriceps Lying Down Stretch

  1. While lying on the side, place an arm below the head to support the neck and legs.
  2. Then, place a towel around the top ankle and hold on to both ends with the top hand.
  3. You should bring the top hip backward and activate the abdominal muscles while keeping the thigh straight and parallel to the floor.
  4. Stay in this position for about half a minute on each side.
  5. You should repeat the whole exercise 2 times a day: after and before exercise for best results.

The good news is that the above mentioned stretches are beginner-level and easy to do. Doing these stretches on a regular basis can help alleviate back pain. It is also recommended to take deep breaths as you do these stretches for best results.

Here Is How to Prevent Back Pain:

In case you suffer from back pain regularly, make the following lifestyle changes:

  • Practice back stretching and strengthening exercises like the ones mentioned above a couple of times per week.
  • Follow a healthy, balanced diet and stay active.
  • Make sure you have proper posture while standing and sitting.
  • Avoid heavy lifting. In case you lift something heavy, you should keep the back straight and bend the knees in order to get the right muscles working as well as prevent injury.

By making these lifestyle changes and doing these 7 simple stretches, you will feel lower back pain relief after a couple of weeks.

Note: In case you suffer from severe pain, consult a chiropractor to make sure your spine is in right alignment.



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