Do These 6 Stretches to Help Prevent and Alleviate Lower Back Pain!

In fact, many people suffer from lower back pain. It ranges from slight soreness or stiffness to a “shocking” feeling or painful sting.

Whether you suffer from sciatica or minor discomfort, you can actually enhance the health of your back by elevating the flexibility and strength of your back muscles, particularly the ones present in your back, pelvic, hip and abdominal area. Stretching is one of the most effective ways to do it.

Health Benefits of Stretching

Are you familiar with the fact that stretching can help support your back in multiple ways? You can pull your back when you lift something heavy. But, you can prevent this by making sure that your back can comfortably reach some positions as well as have the strength to get out of these positions.

Luckily, it can make you more flexible, thus allowing you to access a larger range of motion. If you have a larger range of motion, then you will be more comfortable in certain positions, such as a squat. Moreover, this means that you can access different muscles in your body that help you lift heavy objects, instead of putting the whole burden on your back. In addition, it can also stabilize your core that can enhance your posture and reduce your likelihood of lower back injury.

Do These 6 Stretches to Help Prevent and Alleviate Lower Back Pain:

1.Camel Pose

This exercise targets your External Obliques and Rectus Abdominus. Kneel down with the hands behind you on the bottom of the feet. You should also push the hips up and forward. However, you shouldn’t put pressure on the lower back. Doing this stretch targets your abdominal muscles, thus increasing your core stability and enhancing your posture. That’s why doing this simple stretch regularly can help prevent lower back pain.

2.Wide Forward Fold

It targets your Adductors. Sit on the floor and then bend the knees. Make sure that you keep the spine upright. Gently straighten the legs and round the back as you reach for the feet with your hands. In case you cannot reach the feet, simply lean forward as much as possible. It can help open up your hips, thus increasing mobility and preventing spraining and straining your back.

3.Frog Pose

This stretch targets your Adductors. Get down on all fours. Gradually widen the knees until you feel tension in the groin muscles. You should also push against the ground with the hips in order to open them up more.

4.Wide Side Lunge Pose

This exercise targets your Hamstrings and Adductors. Keep the legs straight, with the feet facing forward in a wide stance. “Walk” to the right foot with your hands. You should bend the right knee and rotate the left foot, so that your toes are pointing towards the ceiling. The right foot should stay straight on the floor for best results. Switch legs and repeat the same procedure. Doing this stretch helps open up your hips and elevates your mobility. Also, it helps stretch the area that the sciatic nerve runs through, i.e., the back of your leg.

5.Butterfly Stretch

It targets your Adductors. Sit on the floor and make sure that the soles of your feet touch each other. You should straighten the back and use your hands to press down on the knees to induce the stretch. You may also want to bring the feet closer to your body for a deeper stretch.

6.Forearm Extensor Stretch

This stretch targets your Forearm Extensor. Roll the shoulders backwards. But, make sure you stick the chest out. Next, place the left hand outstretched. Make sure the right hand is cupped over it and the fingers are folded together. Afterwards, use the right hand to gently press the left hand towards your body. Doing this stretch helps enhance your grip, thus preventing injury when lifting heavy objects.

You should do each of these stretches for one minute for maximum benefits. For the stretches that require switching sides, dedicate half a minute to each side.



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