9 Signs and Symptoms that Suggest You May Experience a Stroke!

A stroke is a medical condition triggered by sudden cerebrovascular lesions. In addition, it can be triggered by brain blood vessel blockage or brain blood vessel rupture. This can lead to the destruction and compression of brain tissue.

In other words, it occurs when part of your brain loses its blood supply, which prevents it from functioning properly. Moreover, this can cause the part of your body that the injured brain regulates to stop working.

In fact, a stroke doesn’t only occur in elderly. People of all ages are potential sufferers.

But, prevention is actually the best medicine. This means that identifying the early warning signs of a stroke could help save your life.

You Should Never Ignore These Early Signs of a Stroke:

– Loss of Vision or Blurry Vision

It has been found that about 44 percent of stroke sufferers have lost the vision in 1 or both their eyes before experiencing a stroke.

– Tremors or Difficulty Breathing

In case you cannot catch a breath, you should consult your doctor because poor oxygen flow contributes to heart arrhythmia and difficulty breathing.

– Pain in Only One Side of Your Face

Many stroke sufferers have experienced severe stabbing pain in one side of the face or upper extremities.

– Facial Paralysis

If you experience paralyzes on one side of your face, it may be an indicator of a stroke. Therefore, you should not ignore this sign.

– Difficultly Walking or Loss of Balance

Feeling sluggish and weak may be an early warning sign of a stroke. A large number of stroke sufferers have experienced collapse and paralysis. So, if you experience this sign, you should open your arms by keeping your hands faced upwards. Stay in this position for ten seconds. In case your arms drop, then your muscles are too weak to handle the pressure. This means that you should call 911.

– Difficulty Understanding Speech and Difficulty Speaking

In case you experience difficulty speaking or feel delirious, you should seek medical attention.

– Vertigo or Sudden Headache

Vertigo is actually common in women under the age of 45. Consult your doctor if you experience this sign.

– Migraine or Headache

Many studies have proven that headaches are common in stroke sufferers, particularly women. A study has found that 588 of all participants that experienced a stroke also suffered from migraine.

– Fatigue

A lot of women feel exhausted, confused, and disoriented prior to experiencing a stroke.

Take enough time for yourself. Eat healthy, get good night’s sleep, keep a healthy weight, and avoid smoking and alcohol in order to reduce your risk of a stroke.

Source: www.healthy-food-house.com


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