5 Surprising Uses for Aluminum Foil! You Will Be Amazed by the Results!

You probably have a roll of aluminum foil in your house. You may wrap your food in it. However, aluminum foil may be one of the most versatile items found in your kitchen. You can use it to soothe burns, relieve fatigue, alleviate joint pain, and fight many other health problems.

Continue reading to learn more about the incredible uses for aluminum foil.

5 Fantastic Uses for Aluminum Foil:
 – Reduces the Duration and Severity of a Cold

Simply wrap your feet in about 6 layers of aluminum foil and leave them on for 60 minutes to fight a cold. Next, take them off, and allow your feet to breathe for several hours. Then, repeat the same process for best results.

 – Fights Phantom Pain

 The term phantom pain refers to unexplained pain, as well as pain that occurs as a result of a recent amputation surgery. You can relieve this type of pain by wrapping aluminum foil around the affected area. Also, you should use a bandage to secure it. You should take it off when you feel improvement.

– Relieves Burns

The Wisconsin University has encouraged physicians to wrap fresh burns with aluminum foil because this method provides extraordinary results.

Start by washing the burned area with cold water and then use a soft towel to pat it dry. Afterwards, apply a thin layer of ointment, put gauze over and then use aluminum foil to wrap it up. Use a bandage to secure it and allow it to act until the pain goes away.

– Alleviates Joint Pain

Did you know that you can use aluminum foil to fight joint pain, arthritis, gout, heel pain, and sciatica pain?  To use, wrap it around the affected area and then use a bandage to secure it. Let it act overnight. You should take it off in the morning. Do this process each night for 14 days or until the pain goes away.

Caution: Take a 15-day break after the first 15 days of application. Then, you can repeat it as needed.

– Provides Instant Fatigue Relief

You can also use aluminum foil to reduce fatigue and fight insomnia. The Health Digest notes that you can greatly reduce fatigue by using this common kitchen item.

Start by cutting several aluminum foil strips and then refrigerate them for about four hours. Next, apply them onto your face, including your eyelids and cheeks. You should allow them to act until you feel your muscles relaxed. Finally, take them off.



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