A 10-Week Workout Plan to Lose Weight and Get the Body You Have Always Wanted!

Following a healthy, balanced diet and exercising on a regular basis can be very difficult both physically and mentally.

Nowadays, you are actually surrounded with various food temptations and people who may negatively affect your effort to lose weight. That’s why you usually find the process of losing weight difficult and depressing. However, you can lose weight by creating goals for yourself to establish discipline, stay focused, and avoid a relapse into any bad habit.

The weight loss plan presented below will show you how to achieve what you have long wanted without feeling hungry or harming your health.

The good news is that you can practice these exercises in the comfort of your own home and you do not need additional training props.

Also, you should stay hydrated all the time by drinking plenty of water.

You should spend about 45-60 minutes on a daily basis in training for best results. You may want to start with about 50 minutes on a daily basis, and then gradually elevate the durance.

A 10-Week Weight Loss Plan:
Day 1:

You should do 10 but-kicks; 10 sit-ups; 15 lunges; 25 crunches; 35 jumping jacks; 5 push-ups; 15-second plank; 25-second wall squats; and 20 squats.

Day 2:

You should do 20 butt-kicks; half a minute-plank; 45-second wall squats; 35 sit-ups; 25 lunges; 10 push- ups; 10 jumping jacks; 20 crunches; and 10 squats.

Day 3:

You should 10 push-ups; 40-second plank; 25 lunges; 25 butt-kicks; 50 jumping jacks; 35-second wall squats; 30 crunches; 30 sit-ups; and 15 squats.

Day 4:

You should do 20 push-ups; 25 jumping jacks; 35 butt-kicks; 1 minute-wall squats; 50 sit-ups; half a minute-plank; 15 lunges; 20 crunches; and 35 squats.

Day 5:

You should do 50 butt-kicks; 45-second wall squats; 55 jumping jacks; 60 lunges; 30 crunches; 30 push-ups; 1 minute-second plank; 40 sit-ups; and 25 squats.

Take a break during the weekend.

Here Are the Cardio Exercises You Should Do within the Next Week:
  • 30-second jog and 30-second sprint (five times)
  • 45-second jog and 35-second sprint (six times)
  • 60-second jog and 45-second sprint (seven times)
  • 45-second jog and 50-second sprint (eight times)
  • 30-second jog and 55-second sprint (seven times)
  • 45-second jog and 60-second sprint (six times)
  • 60-second jog and 65-second sprint (five times)
  • 45-second jog and 70-second sprint (six times)
  • 30-second jog and 75-second sprint (seven times)
  • 45-second jog and 80-second sprint (eight times)

Source: healthylivingthread.com


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